Natalia Mogilev has demonstrated its natural beauty

Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilev proved that is not shy to show themselves to the fans for what it really is. 44-year-old actress published a “honest” photos, which depicted without a gram of makeup on my face, reports the with reference to

Наталья Могилевская продемонстрировала свою естественную красоту

Corresponding frame celebrity has posted on his page in Instagram. In the picture of Natalya posing with a large white cat breed Maine Coon.

“Do you remember him? He was a kitten. I gave it to my Teacher a year ago. Now it’s “snow lynx”, “white tiger”, in short, it’s huge,” wrote under the singer.

Fans of the actress admired furry pet, and even more natural beauty of his idol. They write that without makeup Natalie looks much younger.

“Without makeup very well,” “Natasha, you look good. The young girl,” “Natalochka so beautiful without make-up” Class! Without makeup super fresh”, “I hardly recognized you without make-up very cute girl”, “You’re beautiful without makeup”, “First see the real photo, without photoshop”, — write fans in the comments under the post of the singer.