Natalia Mogilev shared the secrets of relaxation

Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilev shared the secrets of relaxation. The singer admitted, to stay calm and balanced uses specific relaxation techniques.

Наталья Могилевская поделилась секретами расслабления

“The best relaxation is the cleansing! For example, you brush your teeth, take a shower for the body, and need to learn how to take a shower for the mind. The mind is very screwed up, so you need to be able to calm down and dive in, listen to my heart and to live in the inner beauty”

said Natalia Mogilev on air of TV channel “Ukraine”.

Natalia also likes to meditate and do yoga regularly. In addition, the singer told how she manages not to be sad in cloudy weather.

“When I miss the sun, I just close my eyes and watch the glare on the water 3-5 minutes every morning and I never bad! I do not mind the gloomy weather”-

shared artist.