Natalia Mogilevskaya made a Frank statement about his personal life

The actress became the heroine of a fresh issue of “Glory”, which airs on channel Lux FM. During an interview with Slava Demin, Natalia confessed that she is in love (video see below).

Наталья Могилевская сделала откровенное заявление о своей личной жизни

According to the singer, as soon as she realized that she must be a strong man, these are the men and began to care for her.

Mogilev also said that she has a difficult character, but she’s a very loyal person and will come to the rescue at the right moment.

“My man says: I never said no such hard words as you. Even my closest friend. But so tender never in my life I also have not heard, no woman to me is not talked about and so admired,” – said the singer.

Natalia won’t say who her favorite man and tells where they met. But what in love does not hide.

“I have nothing to say. First, because happiness love peace. And secondly, the relationship needs to Mature. What we all think when we met, we all think a lot of things. But then life puts everything in its place. So, I would have waited,” – said Mogilev.