Natalia Mogilevskaya went to the floor show “Tantsi z with a stars” in a dress with a racy neckline and high slit

Singer in live fell in love with her boyfriend.

Наталья Могилевская вышла на паркет шоу «Танці з зірками» в платье с пикантным декольте и высоким разрезом

Natalia Mogilev took part in the live “s Dances with stars”. She appeared on the floor in sexy outfit: in a red dress, embroidered with sequins, with a spicy sweetheart neckline, high slit and wide sleeves.

Her outfit, the singer complements the silver shoes. Perfectly smooth styling and beautiful makeup completed her dramatic bow.

On the show, the artist formally presented his new song “I Pochala”.

Fans of the singer almost a month lost in conjectures, who dedicated this composition? And then, finally, the actress admitted that this is a fateful song — gift for your loved one.

“This song is a gift. I actually met my heart. He’s not in this room, it is very far away. Know that I’m waiting for you, love you and when I fear for our love, I remember your words: “do not be afraid and don’t worry about anything, the main thing has already happened — we met” — said Mogilev.

Besides this song, Natalia also performed his hit “the dance”, during which it was joined by Vlad Yama and they danced beautifully. By the way, 13 years ago Mogilev and the Pit danced on the floor in the same show. Then they took the second place.