Natalie Portman in an elegant dress with lace at the premiere in Toronto

The Toronto film festival was honored by the attention for many celebrities. Yesterday there was another great premiere — a new film with his participation “Pale blue dot” (Lucy in the Sky) was presented to the audience Natalie Portman.

Натали Портман в элегантном платье с кружевом на премьере в Торонто

At the premiere, the actress appeared in an elegant black dress with lace bodice by Dior Haute couture from autumn-winter collection of the French brand.

Натали Портман в элегантном платье с кружевом на премьере в Торонто

Portman, who during his film career try on a variety of images, this time played by a woman astronaut, returning to Earth after a long mission in orbit. The character Natalie was largely inspired by a real person — astronaut Lisa Nowak and the story of her affair with a colleague in the conquest of space by astronaut William Filenam.

At the premiere with Natalie there was another actress who played in this film — Zazie Bitts. It seems that Portman is very good friends with his partner on the set. Recently Natalie Zazie even dedicated a post on his Instagram.

Love Zazie! In addition to the coolest name in the world, she has incredible talent and she is very funny. And is fluent in German,

— posted by Portman at a joint photo with Bitts.

So the problems with understanding new friends to be certainly not supposed to explain to each other they can in two languages, after all, Portman is also fluent in German. The actress, by the way, a real polyglot — he also studied French, Japanese and Arabic as mother tongues are Hebrew and English.