Natella Krapivina has responded to the rumors about her breaking up with Svetlana Loboda

Internet users are vigorously discussing the potential conflict between Svetlana Loboda and her producer Natella Krapivina. Some

women did not comment on the speculation to the public, but on 7 November Natella decided to place all points over i in this story.

Нателла Крапивина отреагировала на слухи о своей размолвке со Светланой Лободой

For many years Svetlana Loboda has partnered with producer Natella Krapivina and owe their status as “superstars”. Without exaggeration, together women have passed through fire, water and copper pipes and achieved tremendous success.

However, recently fans a reason to worry about the relationship of Svetlana and Natella. The followers noticed that Krapivina unsubscribed from Loboda in social networks and removed mention of it from the description of his microblog.

“You’re not working with Quinoa?”, “How could spoil such a strong friendship?” — mass wrote to the producer of anxious fans.

First, neither Natella or her client did not respond to questions of Network users. But soon Krapivina could not resist the pressure of investigators.

7 Nov woman posted on his page in Instagram a few joint photos with Loboda. “Live peacefully, the country!” — Natella responded to the rumors with the words from a new song Svetlana.

Subscribers happy the refutation of the producer. And yet many did not believe that between the celebrities, nothing happened. “Apparently, your artist has found a way to properly apologize,” suggested one of the Internet polzovateley.