National Bank set the official exchange rate on holidays

The national Bank of Ukraine set the official exchange rate for public holidays ( 2-7 Jan) at the level of 23,68 per dollar, the hryvnia to the Euro — 26,422 UAH.

Нацбанк установил официальный курс на праздничные дни

Compared to the last banking day of the previous year, the dollar and the Euro remained at the same level 2 368,6200 UAH for$ 100 and 2 642,2000 UAH for 100 euros.

Earlier Comments wrote that money transfers from abroad to Ukraine over the past year increased by 9.5% to 3.12 billion dollars. From this money of Poland is listed about a third of the money – 1, 05 billion. In addition, from the Czech Republic to Ukraine over 11 months of this year received $ 295 million., from Russia – us $ 263 million., USA – 255 million. UK – 159 million. and also from Italy – 121 million dollars. It is noted that 68% of the money in our country came from the EU – 1.12 billion.