National Bank: Ukraine has more than 2 thousand non-Bank financial institutions

Нацбанк: В Украине есть более 2 тыс небанковских финучреждений

In Ukraine there are more than 2000 non-Bank financial institutions, including insurance companies, 200, 300 pawnshops and more than 1 million financial companies. This was stated by the Director of licensing Department of the NBU Oleksandr Bevz during a press conference.

“Today represents the market that we have got under supervision and under control. Let’s look at it.

Today, in addition to 75 banks operating in the country and constitute, perhaps, the Foundation of the financial system, there are over 2000 non-Bank financial institutions. Among them more than 200 insurance companies as life insurance and risk insurance, non-life insurance.

More than 300 of the Lombards, to engage in classic loans secured mainly movable property. This credit unions, private cooperative, which provides for the taking of fees and deposits from members and lending these funds… And more than 1000 Finance companies”, — said Alexander Bevz

The Bank plans to develop insurance farmers

He noted that financial companies are companies that provide loans for their capital. Companies offering loans on the Internet.

“It’s the leasing companies that provide loans with the option almost immediately to use the equipment that is purchased on credit, or real property, provided in such a loan. It is the factoring company that allow you to buy debt. And other companies that operate equity. Each of these segments has the exclusive, a special role in the economy. And regulation should be so constructed to stimulate the development and solution of existing problems”, — said Alexander Bevz.

As reported, the world Bank has appointed a new responsible for Ukraine.