NATO Secretary General: Freeland remains vague

NATO Secretary General: Freeland keeps it vague


Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has not spoken directly to a rumor that she is considering taking over as NATO's General Secretariat next year, but said she has already “two big 'jobs'” that occupy him a lot. 

“As you know, and as I hope all Canadians know, I already have a great job […], and I take very seriously my responsibilities as Canada's Minister of Finance, as Deputy -Prime Minister of Canada,” she said on the sidelines of a scrum ahead of a caucus meeting in Vancouver on Tuesday.

The rumor was started by the former reporter for the ” Maclean's,” Paul Wells, in a post published Tuesday on his personal blog.

Mr. Wells says the post of NATO Secretary General is expected to be vacant next year, when Jens Stoltenberg's one-year extension is due to end.

Chrystia Freeland, who is fluent in Ukrainian and Polish in particular, may be interested in the high-level position, according to Mr. Wells, who spoke to various sources near the center of power at the federal level.

“ For me, it is a great privilege to work with the Prime Minister, with my colleagues, with Canadians to always try to improve the lives of Canadians,” said Ms. Freeland stubbornly, with a smirk.

Without confirming or denying the thing, the Deputy Prime Minister maintains the vagueness. A potential departure of Ms. Freeland, number 2 in the government, would force Justin Trudeau to seriously reshuffle his cards.

Canada today has many reasons to be “optimistic” in terms of its economy, but the situation remains “complicated” and remains her priority, she said.

Usually, the rumors surrounding Chrystia Freeland rather present her as the worthy heiress of Justin Trudeau at the head of the Liberal Party of Canada.