NATO urges Ukraine to transfer control of Crimea and is planning the attack scenario on the Peninsula (PHOTO)

НАТО призывает передать Украине контроль над Крымом и планирует сценарий нападения на полуостров (ФОТО)

NATO urged Russia to transfer control of Crimea to Ukraine, expressing dissatisfaction with the military reinforcement of Russia on the Peninsula, says approved in Kiev the statement of the Commission Ukraine-NATO. It is quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

“We strongly condemn and do not recognize the illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea by Russia”, – said in a statement. It also contains the appeal to Russia “to return to Ukraine control of Crimea”.

“We condemn the continued and widespread increase of Russian military power in Crimea, which is part of a larger model of the Russian aggressive actions in the region,” the statement reads. Russia in recent years, said the unprecedented activity of NATO on its borders, which NATO called a “deterring Russian aggression”. So, in October, arrived in Lithuania on tanks and combat vehicles for the American battalion which will be deployed on the ground in Pabrade for six months. As stated by the Minister of national defence, Raimundas Karoblis, the arrival of American units suggests that the country will be protected by NATO forces in the event of a crisis, and will become an additional deterrent to Russia.

Meanwhile, the publication Foreign Policy, argues that U.S. authorities are considering a new strategy of containment of Russia and China, one of which involves the attack on the Crimea and another in the Russian far East. Translation of the article publishes InoPressa.

The authors note that Washington is trying to prepare for the “era of great power rivalry” and against this backdrop, some “influential voices” in the government promote a “strategy of horizontal escalation and causing the cost.” The bottom line is that Americans can exercise their “almost unlimited” access to any part of the world to cause serious damage to China and Russia.

In particular, if Russia to occupy the Baltic States, the US could attack Russian troops in Crimea or in Syria. According to the theory, the threat of annihilation and the capture is placed on the removal forces can force the enemy to refrain from attacking and give up initial goals.

Among the more aggressive variants – the attack to protect allies in China and Russia along their “vulnerable periphery”, in particular in the far East or Western parts of China, or seizing so-called strategic centers of gravity, such as public administration or important social and economic objects. However, such a step can lead to disastrous consequences, because Russia and China have plenty of opportunities for response, escalation, including the use of nuclear weapons. As the authors suggest, this kind of attack will be either insignificant or provoke severe retribution, which might seem justified to most of the world.