Natural ways to clean the bathroom. Pour them into the toilet bowl and enjoy the effects

It is a great alternative to strong and toxic detergents.

 Natural ways to clean the bathroom. Put them in the toilet bowl and enjoy the effects

You don't have to walk down the long alley with cleaning products in the supermarket to find the most decent home cleaning alternatives & mdash; just open the pantry. Vinegar, lemons, baking soda and other natural household cleaners are great for cleaning, disinfecting, eliminating stains, and more.

Natural ingredients for cleaning around the home. Perfect for allergy sufferers and ladies with hope

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Vinegar cleans and deodorizes almost as well as most all-purpose cleaners. The recipe requires that you mix different parts of the water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Use this solution to clean most surfaces in your home.

Don't worry that your home smells like vinegar. The smell disappears after drying. However, remember to test the vinegar on surfaces that can be damaged. It is better to discolor something on the underside in a small area than to destroy the entire surface.

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To clean and sanitize the toilet bowl, pour baking soda into it interior, pour a large amount of vinegar and after the reaction (foams), scrub the toilet. The effects are amazing and the odor is neutralized by both odor-absorbing baking soda and deodorant vinegar, which evaporates the sour smell quickly, so we don't have to worry about it.

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