NBU has compared wages in Ukraine and Poland

For 4 years has been a decrease in the ratio of average wages in Poland and Ukraine from 4.5 to 2.7 times.

These data are published in “financial stability Report” of the NBU.

НБУ сравнил зарплаты в Украине и Польше

The reduction of difference has contributed to the strengthening of the hryvnia and high wage growth in Ukraine. Thanks to them also since the middle of last year in Ukraine has decreased the percentage of labour migrants and gains received from abroad of wages.

In the future incomes will depend largely on the growth of wages in Ukraine.

According to forecasts of the national Bank, in the medium term the rate of increase of wages will be from 4 to 6 %.

However, the competition of employers for job seekers and faster wage increases compared with productivity are flawed. They lead to the deterioration of the operating efficiency of Ukrainian enterprises.

For 2019, the salary of the average resident of Ukraine increased by 19.6 %.

According to the results of public opinion poll Research & Branding Group in Ukraine, a sufficient minimum amount for survival in a month is 19, 275 thousand UAH.