NBU has named 11 banks-violators — Korrespondent.net

НБУ назвал 11 банков-нарушителей — Korrespondent.net

Photo: RBC-Ukraine

NBU spoke about the violations of the banks

In the National Bank told what their standards are violated most frequently and which are the banks.

In Ukraine, the 11 commercial banks are violating the norms of the National Bank of Ukraine. This is stated in the statistical report of the NBU as at 1 July.

The greatest number of violations – three – listed for Prominvestbank. In particular, the norm of H7 – the ratio of the maximum size credit exposure per counterparty – (must be no more than 25%) in Prominvestbank as 68.6%. This standard also violate the Ukreximbank (33,7%), Industrialbank (68,3%), Motor Bank (25,7%) and Misto Bank (34.5 per cent).

Standard risk total long open position (Л13-1 shall be not more than 10%) violated Prominvestbank (116,7%), Oschadbank (121,9%), PrivatBank (92,9%) and Industrialbank (17,3%).

Prominvestbank has violated the standard risk total short open position (Л13-2, should be no more than 10%). The Bank’s rate — 110%.

Of maximum amount of credit risk on transactions with related persons of the banks (H9, should be no more than 25%) violated the Megabank (65.6 per cent), the Bank of investments and savings (42,8%), First investment Bank (69,9%). UNEX Bank (30.7%) and Motor Bank (50.4 per cent).

Earlier in the NBU reported togaviridae banks to lower interest rates on deposits.In addition, the regulator asks banks to prepare a new loan program for business accounting coronaries.

Recall,the national Bank gave the banks five billion refinancing. The regulator has granted the application of the seven banks.