NBU obliges banks to cancel penalties for late payments

The national Bank of Ukraine for the period of quarantine imposed a ban on all penalty payments on loans and utility services for Ukrainian banks. About it reports a press-service of the NBU.

НБУ обязал банки страны отменить штрафы за просрочку платежей

“Banks at the legislative level during the period of quarantine, it is prohibited to impose and recover penalty (fines, penalties and any other fees) for late payment on consumer loans, and to increase the interest rate on consumer loans”, — stated in the message.

It is noted that the banks themselves must notify their customers.

“Banks are prohibited to charge and pull of the penalty (fines, penalties) for late payment of utility services”, — added in the controller.

This decision is conditioned, including for getting rid of the queues of payers in Bank branches.

“Bank customers are allowed to stop payments for mortgages and the banks have no right to charge a Deposit,” — said the NBU.