NBU released into circulation the new money

In Ukraine the national Bank has created a lot of new banknotes and coins. This time, today, the NBU will release a new pyatigrivnevye coin.

НБУ выпустит в оборот новые деньги

As it turned out from the Bank, the coin was made in honor of the 100th anniversary of one of the largest Ukrainian museums, namely on the occasion of the anniversary of the Kharkiv Museum by name of Nicholas Sumtsova. It should be noted that Mykola Sumtsov is Russian and Ukrainian ethnographer, literary critic, art historian, Museum worker.

National Bank also announced that it will release only 3 thousand coins 5 hryvnia. To recognize the new coin will be easy enough, on the front you will notice the small state emblem of Ukraine, above which will display the word “Ukraine”. Also, it is important to know that the coin will depicts a tree, decorated with fruits, which are symbols of spiritual and material culture of our state. On both sides, right and left, one can see vertical stripes that look like the facade of the Museum in modern life.

Furthermore, the bottom part is 2020 the year of publication, also on the front of the coin is written the denomination with the number “5” and the logo of the banknote printing and minting works of the NBU.

In the end, the full composition is as follows: from the right and left sides painted facades of the Museum buildings that existed in different periods of centuries, in the center there is a decorative arch with a portrait of Nicholas Sumtsova. On the upper part of the coin the inscription “100 years”, the portrait of the semi-circle is written “Kharkiv historical Museum” and at the bottom on the matte background added the words “named after M. F. Sumtsov”.

It is also worth mentioning that in the autumn of last year, the NBU has released a new banknote in nominal value of thousand. The last time the Bank issued a new bill in 2006, the banknote face value of 500 hryvnia. On the main side of the new banknotes painted portrait of Vladimir Vernadsky, and on the back is depicted the building of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.