NBU reported about the work on “anticolonialism” bill

Representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, NBU and finalize the Verkhovna Rada government bill No. 2571 banning the return of failed banks former owners, the approval of which insists the IMF.

НБУ сообщил о работе над «антиколомойским» законопроектом

It is reported by the ekonomichna Pravda with reference to data of the NBU.

“Does not cease discussion of the importance of adoption of the bill No. 2571, over a modified version of which continues the work of the representatives of the government, the NBU and the Parliament. Also continues the dialogue with the IMF. In the end, the new law should remove the ability of the courts to return to life “zombie” banks that are withdrawn from the market due to insolvency,” said the regulator.

In addition, the act clearly defines the prerequisites and the procedure for obtaining the former owners retired from the market of banks of compensation, their form and the formula by which the amount of compensation must be calculated and confirmed.