NBU reported changes in the cost of the services of taxi services

After the easing of the quarantine, there was an increase in rates of taxi services, despite the reduction in the cost of fuel for cars.

НБУ сообщил, как изменилась стоимость услуг служб такси

This was stated in the economic review of the week of the national Bank.

“The weakening of quarantine had a mixed impact on the cost of services — delivery of food remained unchanged, while taxi service has risen significantly, despite low fuel prices,” says the report.

In NBU reported that over the past 7 days has fallen in price all kinds of fuel: gasoline a-92 and A-95, diesel and gas. Also dropped prices on drugs (against respiratory and cardiovascular diseases).

Recall that the next stage of Ukraine’s exit from quarantine will begin on may 22. It will include the resumption of public transport, opening hotels, pre-school establishments, the beginning of sports competitions (without an audience). In addition, will be allowed to conduct an external independent evaluation.