NBU tries to persuade banks to lower interest rates on deposits

НБУ уговаривает банки снижать ставки по депозитам

Photo: press service of the NBU

This week needs to appoint a new head of the Central Bank

The Central Bank expects banks to the introduction of cheap loans and mortgages in the fourth quarter of the year.

The national Bank expects the mass launch of mortgages in the fourth quarter of 2020, told interviewinterview-Ukraine and other countries.about. NBU Ekaterina Rozhkova.

“In the fourth quarter will be massively launch a mortgage. For the highest quality borrowers 10% per annum will by economic, not administrative. Mortgages will tighten additional related industries, which also require dopolnitelnoye,” says Rozhkova.

Also, according to her, the Central Bank is working with the banks over other methods of credit expansion.

“In the corporate sector, banks are not very willing to lower rates on loans, they are trying to preserve their margins, although the high margin in the past. Therefore, we are now working with them and persuade to lower interest rates on deposits. There are already banks with foreign capital, and our great state that they have reduced,” — said the temporary head of the NBU.

In addition, the regulator asks banks to prepare a new loan program for business accounting coronaries.

“The rate should be lower and the loan is longer and softer conditions to help business to recover. The Bank’s task is not simply to give credit and to give to business the money is allowed to work, remain healthy and debt over time, as expected, returned,” she explained.

We will remind, on April 27 presidentvladimir Zelensky Ukrainians promised you a 10% mortgage and cheap loans to small businesses. According to him, this became possible thanks to lower interest rates.

Cheap mortgages have been issued to two state Bank.