Neangely presented a video for a collaborative song Glory Kaminskaya and Eugene Khmara

In a new video Glory Kaminskaya from DeAngelo only two colors, but the whole range of emotions of two characters in the frame, but both the main. Here all the words of love, and it is felt in every note. Nothing extra, just a “Miss” to the accompaniment of the virtuoso pianist Eugene Khmara.

НеАнгелы презентовали видео на совместную песню Славы Каминской и Евгения Хмары

“Miss you” is one of my favorite songs in the album #13. Why? Just there are songs in which every word is no accident. In her feelings, pain and love! “Miss” can not be another. And when she performed to the accompaniment of such a cool modern musician as Eugene Hmara – I think listeners don’t stand a chance!

says Thank Kaminska.

Now Neangely are in a large Ukrainian tour #13. Behind for 13 concerts. In the queue: White Church (12.11), Vinnytsya (13.11), the Dnieper (18.11), Kharkov (19.11), Kramatorsk (20.11), Mariupol (22.11). And, of course, Kiev — December 11.