Near Madrid began the procedure of reburial of the remains of the Spanish dictator Franco (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Под Мадридом началась процедура перезахоронения останков испанского диктатора Франко (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

The procedure of reburial of the dictator Francisco Franco, who ruled Spain from 1939 to 1975, began near Madrid, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to the Spanish government. The coffin will be removed from the Basilica in the valley of the Fallen and reburied in a cemetery in El Pardo, where are buried his wife.

First, experts have to lift a 1.5-ton slab in front of the altar in the Basilica, beneath which there was a coffin, after which the priest Santiago Cantera will say the prayer. At the ceremony arrived grandchildren with wives and grandchildren Franco and acting Minister of justice of Dolores Delgado, a few government officials and the medical examiner.

It is assumed that the coffin will be taken by helicopter to the cemetery in El Pardo, where Franco’s wife, Carmen Polo, who died in 1988. His coffin will be accompanied the eldest grandson of Francisco Franco and the acting Minister of justice. The dictator will be buried in the family tomb – the ceremony can only be relatives. At the entrance, a framework that nobody will be able to carry mobile phones. Take pictures and shoot video throughout even close.

Press directly to the Basilica and the cemetery is not allowed, journalists are forced to wait outside the entrance to the Valley of the Fallen and the fence of the cemetery. All photos and videos are distributed through the Spanish state television TVE and Efe Agency. In the morning at the cemetery, wreaths will arrive in the Spanish colors red-yellow flag from different cities and regions of Spain, such as Cartagena, Segovia, Sevilla, Balearic Islands.

The entrance to the Valley of the Fallen was closed to visitors last week, and mass at the Basilica cancelled. Not given permission and power to conduct the actions that are going to hold around the cemetery in El Pardo right-wing organizations, the Foundation Francisco Franco and the Association for the return of historical memory “Roots”. They planned to “make a prayer for the soul,” Franco, but the authorities felt that such an action could “create serious problems for public order.” However, according to the newspaper El Pais, several hundred people from among the opponents of the transfer of the remains of the dictator gathered near a cemetery in El Pardo and staged a protest. They brought with them posters that can be read “Thanks, Franco”.

The exhumation of Franco was one of the first decisions of the government of the socialist Pedro Sanchez after coming to power in June 2018. In August last year the Cabinet of Ministers to urgently adopt a decree amending the law of historical memory 2007 – “to exhume the remains of dictator Francisco Franco from the place where are buried the victims of the war”.

However, it was opposed by the Franco family. As the only alternative she proposed the crypt of the Cathedral Madrid Almudena Cathedral, where are buried a daughter and son-in-law of the dictator. The authorities refused this variant. The crypt is located in the heart of Madrid, a few hundred meters from the Royal Palace, and the authorities feared that she would become “a new place of worship to the dictator” and “threaten public order” in one of the most tourist places of the Spanish capital.

In the end, the authorities decided to rebury Franco at the cemetery in El Pardo, where lies his wife. In June, a few days before the scheduled exhumation, the Supreme court agreed to postpone it pending a decision on the claim of the family of Franco on the merits. The judges rejected the claim unanimously on September 24. The tenth of October, the armed forces removed the last legal hurdles to the exhumation.