Near the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, a rocket landed

Bombardment not only the American Embassy but also a military airfield, which uses the Pentagon, says RBC.

Близ посольства США в Багдаде взорвалась ракета

Photo: Depositphotos

Several missiles exploded on Saturday evening, January 4, in Baghdad. According to Reuters, which cites data from the local police, one of them was in the Central part of the Iraqi capital and exploded in a protected green zone, where located, including the U.S. Embassy.

According to police, the incident no one was hurt. The rocket exploded in the square, which is near the American Embassy.

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In turn, the TV channel Al Arabiya, citing local media reported that it could not go on missiles, and mortar shells.

Day in Baghdad was a demonstration, whose participants came to say goodbye to an Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, was killed in the missile strike USA near Baghdad international airport. As informs TV channel Al Jazeera, the participants chanted anti-American slogans and demanded that the government of Iraq to reconsider its relations with Washington.

Earlier in the Pentagon said the decision to throw the middle East further 3,500 troops. According to CNBC News, the troops are in Iraq, Kuwait and other parts of the region. It is noted that the deployment of a brigade of the 82nd airborne division, 700 of whose members have already been sent to the middle East, should be a response to threats across the region.

ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the elite special forces “al-Quds” as part of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, killed in Iraq airstrike USA. The Pentagon has confirmed that Soleimani was killed on the orders of the President of the United States Donald trump.
  • Airstrike on Soleimani had suffered a few days after protesters attempted to Baghdad to storm the American Embassy. In Washington said that the attack on the diplomatic mission was ordered by General Soleimani.
  • Iran has promised cruelly to revenge the USA for murder of one of the most influential Iranian military commanders.
  • Murder Soleimani may lead to a sharp escalation of tensions between Iran, the US and its allies in the region Israel and Saudi Arabia, experts warn. After the strike, the world prices for oil have grown on 4%.
  • The mayor of new York police Department, Los Angeles are closely monitoring the situation after the chief military strategist of Iran was killed on the orders of the trump, and in response, Iranian authorities have promised America’s ‘terrible revenge’