Nearly 145,000 people on strike for the climate across Quebec

Nearly 145,000 people on climate strike across Quebec ;bec


Nearly 130 000 students and 14 000 workers Quebecers voted in favor of a strike Friday< /strong> to mobilize against the climate crisis and ask the government to abandon fossil fuels by 2030. 

The event is part of of the global movement Fridays for the Future, launched by activist Gretha Thunberg. She went to Montreal during the march in 2019, which mobilized around 275,000 people for the climate cause. 

This year, the major events will be held near Jeanne-Mance Park, in Montreal, and at Des Braves Park, in Quebec City, from 1 p.m. Friday. Other mobilizations are also planned in a dozen other cities, including Rimouski, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, Trois-Rivières and Victoriaville. 

At least 51 student associations, 23 labor organizations and hundreds of Community organizations will be on strike for the occasion. This is the largest mobilization since that of 2019.

Radical changes  

The coalition of organizations behind the marches to be held on Friday are asking the various political parties in particular to commit to moving away from oil and gas by 2030. 

“We must realize that we got there, after idling for 30 years. This transition, which could have been made smoothly, must now be made radically,” says François Geoffroy, spokesperson for Workers for Climate Justice. 

François Geoffroy, spokesperson for Workers for Climate Justice

We are also calling for a taxation of wealth to reinvest massively in the social safety net to prevent the transition from increasing social inequalities.

“It is the most vulnerable people who are most affected by climate change. We only have to think of the scarcity of food caused by natural phenomena that will increase the price of food,” explains Amélie Beaulé, delegate of the Student Association of Cégep Saint-Laurent. 

Amélie Beaulé, delegate of the Cégep Saint-Laurent Student Association

A movement in reorganization

The organizers of the event make no secret of it, the pandemic has had a devastating effect on the fight against climate change in the last two years. 

“It completely disrupted the movement. On the student side, it cut off the organizers from their base, while we did not have the possibility of meeting to offer means of mobilization”, underlines Mr. Geoffroy. 

“But we are bouncing back and we are even surprised to see the strength and vitality of this rebound this year!” he continues. 

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