Neighborhood parents and class friends in tears

Neighborhood parents and class friends in tears


Incomprehension and immense sadness invaded the peaceful district of Laval on Tuesday, the day after the murders of two children, probably committed by their father.

“I am really upside down, two beautiful children. I still can't believe what happened, it was a model family,” said Annie Charpentier. 

She is the immediate neighbor of the family home where a father of 45 years old allegedly killed his daughter Anzel Arora, 13, and his son Aaron, who had just celebrated his 11th birthday.

All residents of the neighborhood met on Tuesday by Le Journalhad good words for the family as well as the children.

Nothing foreshadowed these alleged murders.

Saddened students

The shock wave was felt in the neighborhood, but particularly in the schools of the two children. 

The primary school that young Aaron attended was less than 200 meters from the family home.

Around noon, a few parents, some of whom with tears in their eyes, picked up their children for dinner.

Young people were playing in the yard frequented until very recently by young Aaron.

Classes took place as usual on Tuesday, but an on-site intervention team provided psychological support to the children throughout like to staff members.

“There were children, but also adults who were crying. I find them good to continue teaching,” dropped Gladis Valencia, a school psychologist who had been sent to the scene to support people affected by the events.

Breaking the news

A team went from class to class in the primary school to tell the students the news in the most delicate way possible. 

Psychological follow-up will be provided today, but also in the coming days so that the students are well supervised.

The Laval School Services Center sent a letter to parents on Tuesday morning students from Pierre-Laporte elementary school and Saint-Martin high school to advise them of what had happened the day before. 

The school service center called guaranteed to put in place support for both children and parents who feel the need.

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