Neither man nor woman, quite the contrary

Neither male nor female, quite the contrary


The next Canadian Screen Awards, the event that celebrates the best of Canadian film and television, will be gender neutral.

Instead of presenting prizes for the best female role and the best male role, we will only give a prize for the best role. 

Why ? Because it's 2022. And in 2022, it's very ugly, in progressive circles, to talk about “men” and “women”. But I already predict that instead of solving problems, this initiative will on the contrary create new ones. Wokes are never happy and we are never woke enough in their eyes. 


The director of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television (which organizes the gala) said the decision was to “better support potential contestants who are non-binary and/or do not identify with one gender” . 

Here we are. Just saying the words “masculine” and “feminine” is considered backward, intolerant, and equated with a lack of openness. 

If you're non-binary, you don't identify with no gender. So you don't know if you should register as best male role or best female role.

Neither male nor female, quite the contrary

Neither male nor female, quite the contrary

But if you are transgender, it seems to me on the contrary that you want to fit into the category of the gender to which you have transitioned! For example, Elliott Page, the transgender male comedian, he wouldn't want to register in the category “best male role”? It seems to me that it would be the consecration of his transition.

We would have to decide: do we encourage individuals who make a transition from one gender to another or do we completely eliminate notions of gender?

The announcement of the non-gendered gala had barely been disclosed that it was already disputed. Jo Vannicola, who once won a Gemini for Best Actress, is now non-binary. This person is the head of the Actra LGBT committee and told the media that we should not remove categories, on the contrary we had to add them! A best transgender actress category, for example, and a transgender woman could fit into both the “best female role” and “best transgender role” categories. 

In short, by wanting to be “ inclusive”, the Academy is already being criticized… for not being inclusive enough!

At the next gala, the first time we're going to give a non-gendered prize, if it's a man who wins, will the women cry out against sexism? Should we ensure that the prizes are only awarded to women to compensate for all the discrimination women have suffered? If the award goes to a heterosexual woman, will bisexual non-binary people cry 'heteronormativity'?


I have an idea. To avoid the chicanery in the cabin, let's make sure that from now on all the galas (music, cinema, TV, etc.) simply honor “divids”, an expression borrowed from Claude Poirier. A “dividu” is an unidentified human being, a breathing patent. “Dividu” is neutral, it has no face, no race. 

Now the big question: do we say a dividu or a dividu? 

Above all, we should not misgender people.

Neither male nor female , on the contrary