‘Neon’ waves: a fantastically beautiful natural phenomenon off the coast of southern California

A bloom of bioluminescent algae natural origin effectively decorated ocean water off the coast in southern California blue “neon” glow, writes CBS Los Angeles.

'Неоновые' волны: фантастически красивое природное явление у берегов Южной Калифорнии

Photo: screenshot of video twitter.com/Scripps_Ocean

Luminous waves creating breathtaking views from the beaches in southern California.

Bioluminescence is known as a red tide, or algae bloom, which is a greater concentration of microorganisms in the water.

On Sunny days, water with algae has a muddy reddish hue. At night when the microorganisms begin to actively move, they emit a neon blue glow.

Because of orders to stay home, many are unable to go to the seaside, to see this phenomenon.

“It’s just impressive, said Paige Taylor. — I saw it maybe once in five years.”

According to the National oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA), sometimes a red tide can cause adverse effects on fish, marine mammals and birds.

NOAA experts also say that not all of these algal blooms are harmful, and that in most cases they actually provide food and nutrients for marine plants and animals.

It is unclear how long will the red tide with wonderful neon glow.


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