Nerves of steel: a sleeping dog is not able to Wake the robot vacuum cleaner (video)

Стальные нервы: спящую собаку не смог разбудить робот-пылесос (видео)

The network has become a viral video, the main character is a dog breed Corgi named penny. Netizens marveled at and envied the ability of dog to sleep like the dead when, seemingly, absolutely not suitable for the circumstances. Penny manages to sleep soundly, lying on her back on the kitchen floor, when it goes around the robot cleaner. The robot is not only noisy, but also occasionally pushes penny, who absolutely does not respond. Only then it slightly jerks his legs during sleep, rolls over on his side and continued to sleep as if nothing had happened.

In the comments netizens said that usually their Pets are terrified of the included cleaner. And called penny “the most peaceful dog in the world”.

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