Nervous not to watch: 10 movies and TV shows about viruses and epidemics

Empty streets, closed restaurants, the cancellation of trains and flights we have already seen in horror movies. Edition MC.Today picked up 10 movies and TV shows about viruses, contagion and quarantine.

Слабонервным не смотреть: 10 фильмов и сериалов о вирусах и эпидемиях

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Their nervous look is not recommended – against the closure of the metro station, shopping centres, and borders is becoming creepy.

“Resident Evil”, 2002-2016 years

The cult series of films based on the Resident Evil games. The pharmaceutical Corporation Umbrella creates a virus that turns people into zombies. Initially, the virus is spreading in the underground laboratory, and later whole cities, countries.

With the walking dead with varying degrees of success fighting Milla Jovovich. In the movies full set: panic in the stores, empty streets, closed cities. Nothing like?

“Contagion”, 2011

The film causes strain even the skeptics. In the film the walking dead or the corporations that want to destroy the world. But there is an unknown virus that is due to trains and airplanes spread throughout the world with great speed.

The disease kills people in a matter of days, the vaccines, of course, not to develop, you need to find the source of the virus. It’s what a group of scientists, while the number of victims is growing, and in cities begins with chaos and panic.

“Train to Busan”, 2016

South Korean film tells the story of the Manager of the Juice that I decided to celebrate the birthday of his daughter with her mother in Busan. A second before the departure of the train runs into a woman who is infected with an unknown virus. She turns into a zombie, the disease is rapidly spreading through the train and, as it turns out later, across the country.

The goal of heroes is to get to Busan, where the military managed to create a safe zone.

“The walking dead”, 2010 – now removed

One of the most famous series about the “zombie Apocalypse” a zombie actually not so much. Much more here about the surviving humans and the new world after the epidemic.

The main character, Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes, after being wounded, wakes up in the hospital. All around it looks abandoned. The hero realizes what happened biological disaster and streets filled with the dead come alive. He tries to find his family on the way meets other survivors and leads a fight for survival.

“Quarantine”, 2008

Two journalists must make a story about the night work of firefighters. Together with a team they go on a call to the apartment building where the upper floors shouts an elderly woman. The journalists together with the firefighters and police enter the house and find the old woman, who behaves very strangely. A woman throws herself at people and trying to bite them.

Simultaneously, the house is surrounded by biologists and the police. It turns out that residents of the affects the virus which is most similar to the rabies virus and is transmitted by bites. Will our heroes be able to escape?

“The plague”, 2018

We remind you that diverse of a pandemic to humanity – a thing not new. For example, in the XVI century, bubonic plague raged in Europe, and the show takes place in Seville, Spain. In the midst of the epidemic in the city there are several high-profile murders. To investigate their charge convicted felon MATEO, and he agrees, because if he can investigate a crime and not die from the plague, he will be released.

“28 days later”, 2002

In the lab, where they test viruses, broken into by activists. In the fight they accidentally open the cage, and one of the sick monkey is the wild. She bites one of the activists, so the epidemic begins.

28 days later in the hospital comes to the protagonist – he realizes that London is in ruins, looking for information in old Newspapers. Later, he managed to meet a few more survivors, and together they try to escape from hordes of infected.

“Fever”, 2002

Five friends rented a cabin in the woods. Already there they meet a sick man, which the characters chased and accidentally set on fire. The man runs away and dies in the lake nearby.

In the morning, one of the characters drinks a glass of water, which is pumped from the lake. On the girl’s body appear of the wound, it quickly weakens. “Friends” close to a sick girl at the barn that triggers a chain of tragic events that leads to the death of all the members of the company.

After a few days the local children are doing from the contaminated lake water lemonade and sell it in the city. The day is hot, so the trade goes briskly.

“I am legend”, 2007

A mutated cancer cure turns into a virus and kills half the population of the Earth. The second half turns into vampires who die from sunlight. A couple of years, new York was empty, and the main character Robert Neville seems to be the only survivors.

He walks with his dog and talking to mannequins, at night fleeing from infected and trying to find a cure. Later, the hero gets acquainted with Anna, who with his son looking for the survivors ‘ colony. They decide to look for her together to produce the serum.

“12 monkeys”, 1995

The film is set in 2035. A virus of unknown origin almost destroyed mankind. A group of scientists have learned even to travel to the past, but the vaccine against the disease is still there, for its development we need to identify the source of infection.

In the past send convict James Cole – if he can trace the chain of the virus, scientists will create a vaccine and James will get freedom.


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