Netanyahu and the opposition failed to form a government, of Israel, for the first time is entrusted to the Knesset (PHOTO)

The entire composition of the Israeli Parliament for the first time in the history of this country got the right to form a government after it failed to make Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the leader of the opposition blog “Kajol Laban” benny Gantz. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin gave the mandate to form the government to the speaker of the Knesset Julius Edelstein.

From this point on in the course of three weeks (21 days) 61 MPs can recommend any MP for the post of head of the government. If no one gets 61 recommendations in Israel announced early elections to the Knesset of the 23rd convocation – the third for the year.

“This is a serious test for the state of Israel. In this 21 days you will not submit to their blocks and parties, you’ll have to answer to his conscience, you have to answer only one question: what is my duty towards the state of Israel,” said Rivlin at the ceremony of transfer of the mandate (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

Edelstein promised to do everything possible to form a coalition. “No one wants elections. At the election in September was the same as in the elections in April. If God forbid, we can handle the mission ahead, it will be the same in the third, fourth and fifth time,” said the speaker.

Despite all efforts, the possibility of creating a coalition in the nearest 21 days estimated as very low, marks NEWSru Israel. After the head of the national Patriotic party the right direction “Israel Our home”, a Russian ex-defense Minister of Israel Avigdor Lieberman said that under no circumstances will not join neither to the right nor to the left a narrow government, on the agenda there are only two possibilities: the creation of a national unity government or early elections.

Netanyahu’s party Likud and the opposition, “Kajol Laban” has assured that they will continue to strive to create a wide government. The Minister of internal Affairs of Israel Aryeh Deri said that President Rivlin asked him to exert maximum effort in order to avoid the third election.

Meanwhile in Jerusalem, the preparations for publication of the findings in the cases of Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption. The question remains, whether the present Prime Minister of Israel, the prosecution in the so-called “case of 4000”. The consequence suspects Netanyahu, combining the post of Prime Minister with the post of Minister of communications, in exchange for favorable coverage of its activities provided benefits the telecommunications company Bezeq, headed by longtime friend Netanyahu’ul Lovecam.