Netanyahu called for the annexation of the Jordan valley to Israel after the recognition of the States Jewish settlement (PHOTOS)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supported the bill, which would extend sovereignty to Jewish settlements on the territory of the Jordan valley, reports “Interfax” with reference to the newspaper The Jerusalem Post. “The bill received the full support of the Prime Minister,” said party member “Likud” Sharyn Haskell, which has made the bill a few weeks ago.

Haskell noted that the consideration of the bill needs to be accelerated and called on parliamentarians from other parties to join the Likud party to support him.

The Jordan valley along the Jordan river from lake Kinneret, which is also called the sea of Galilee to the Dead sea. It further extends to the Gulf of Eilat. The Jordan valley is the longest Israeli road.

The head of the US state Department Mike Pompeo said that the U.S. government will be able to consider the construction of Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory violation of international law.

Shortly before the elections on 17 September, Netanyahu said that he was going to extend sovereignty over the valley, if you re-elect as Prime Minister of the country. After this statement of the Prime Minister Haskell has prepared the corresponding bill.