Netta Barzilai helped upset the bride

The winner of the international song contest Eurovision-2018 Netta Barzilai saved the wedding, which could be disrupted due to attacks in Israel.

Нетта Барзилай помогла расстроенной невесте

The thing is that in the South of the country, banned public meetings and closed concert halls. However, some couples managed to find a restaurant in the center of Israel, who accepted them, the Rabbi and the guests.

Couple that planned to marry in his city, called me because he didn’t want to go to the wedding. I convinced them to get married at my gym at our expense. We want them to be happy and not called off the wedding. We are ready to do everything for the residents of the South

said restaurant owner Eytan Sapir.

As reported by Ynet, the bride is Efrat, Elhadad very upset about what is happening, why it was supported by the net. Eurovision star said that “no one should cry on her wedding day” and went to speak at this celebration, although usually such activities are not singing.

Like other Israelis, I watched the news and heard about this couple and cried out, this time all the Israelis must help each other. Gathered his team, and we went to please the newlyweds and their guests. Because of the attacks I have also seriously changed plans, cancelled events. And when I saw these guys who were sad because of the failed wedding, I just got up from the sofa

said Netta.