Network cheered the video of “dancing” Tesla

Сеть развеселило видео «танцующей» Tesla

The most popular of electric vehicles is the Tesla. The company Elon musk in the making of this car uses the most advanced technology. A businessman recently teach your car to dance. About it reported the edition “”.

According to the media portal, in the Internet appeared the video with the “dancing” of the Tesla. The car is moving the doors and trunk to the music. The electric car is able to flash the headlights, which adds to the show even more fun.

As it turned out from Elon musk have a secret lab to conduct the crash tests

More recently, the American Motor company Tesla has made a confession to the whole world that owns a secret laboratory, which conducts crash tests of their vehicles. Manufacturer of electric cars showed the video.

These safety tests, usually preceded by the crash tests conducted by independent organizations. Tesla has all the cars and the first thing she identifies and fixes the bugs.

In the video it is noted that the presence of such a laboratory helps in advance to identify and resolve the shortcomings of electric cars Tesla and better prepare for full crash tests.