Network laugh fight Bogdan and Bakanova

Сеть рассмешила драка Богдана и Баканова

In the Office of the President of Ukraine Halloween, apparently went well.

On his page in Facebook the journalist Stanislav Rechinsky wrote that on Wednesday, October 30, the presidential administration allegedly got into a fight the head of the Office of the President Andriy Bogdan and the head of the security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov. This publication reports the “Country”.

A journalist in his post claims that Bogdan in this fight allegedly knocked out a tooth. According to Rechinsky, the cause of conflict was the appointment of head of IC SBU.

Сеть рассмешила драка Богдана и Баканова

This information to his colleagues on his page in Facebook has been quick to reaffirm and TV presenter Sonya Koshkina, noting that the factual material is correct, but the assessment of the incident she had a few other.

Responded to information media representatives and the head of the GTC. Bogdan posted the photo. On . There toupin eyebrows and two rectangles above and below the eye, reminiscent of the makeup of the Joker from the last film.

Signed your photo Bogdan also with humor. “Bakanov don’t get in my way!!!! Next time I’ll drink all the blood)))) Going to the cats tails twist!!!”.

Сеть рассмешила драка Богдана и Баканова

For this post Bogdan appeared quite caustic comments of users: “When fighting clowns, children do not laugh,” “And VSI so ceceli prodovzhennja tsogo “detective”! Especially klecki! Have salicylici stink without “Kruchenykh hostv”!, “of all the arts for us cinema is the most important” (C) in scenarist robot cipiti, useishi not sitting without dla, operatori nervouse in Namagan zadovoljniji bazhannia head Director. I lachey Director KOMPAN to CIR PR to catch a buzz from trimana Peremogi “servants of the people”. From lachey, Yakima rank : Namaste on HLB, pewno known that the deprivation of selectorate”.

There are no comments about the alleged broken tooth Bogdan: “Shaw has inserted? Well, Yes. On Wednesday knocked out yesterday the tooth on the spot.”

Some users expressed very briefly: “Again swells?”, “Kindergarten”.