Network video amused with hysterical laughter well-known TV presenter

Сеть позабавило видео с истерическим смехом известной телеведущей

Discussing a strange incident on television.

A funny situation occurred on the eve of Halloween on the American TV channel Global Calgary. The fact that Jordan Vitale asking to read the weather forecast in a special suit unicorn. It looked so funny that this kind of meteorologist , could not even leading the news and laughed out loud right in the air, writes

The meteorologist was able to effectively convey your image consistently shown his ass in the white shorts, which is attached to the multi-colored tail, boasted pink and purple hair and spun in all directions, so that in all its glory to show the wings. Vitaly managed to impress everyone — the presenter laughed at him throughout the movie.

Meanwhile, this is not the first bright appearance of Vitale on the morning news. For example, in November 2013, he took on the image of Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Then in July 2015 Witzel has been transformed into Daisy Duke — the hero of the famous American television series “Garzozi Hazzard,” which was brought to life by Catherine Bach. Witzel then appeared before the audience in cowboy boots and hat, and a plaid shirt and shorts with bulging pockets. Then he also managed to amuse their colleagues.

But in may of 2016 star weather chose no less than the original outfit and changed into bamperbol — this is such a transparent inflatable ball with a hole for the body.