Never combine these products: doctor called 4 the worst couple

It so happens that the foods with the joint use synergistically with each other, and there are those that neutralize the beneficial properties, significantly reducing the nutritional value. Endocrinologist-nutritionist Ekaterina Ivannikova calls 4 the most unfortunate pair that is best avoided.

Никогда не сочетайте эти продукты: врач назвал 4 худшие пары


It seemed to make hot cocoa with milk is a classic recipe that is familiar to us from childhood. But it turned out that cocoa is better to boil water. The fact that cocoa powder contains large amounts of oxalic acid which prevents the calcium is absorbed. So the benefits of milk is reduced.

White bread+jam

This combination usually goes for Breakfast — dipping bread in a bowl with jam or just making the pair a sandwich. But the combination is unfortunate, because white bread is a simple carbohydrate, jam — sugar. Therefore, the combination of white bread with jam leads to a spike in blood sugar levels.

Bran +milk

Bran contains Petina acid. It is associated with a number of minerals that are present in milk, forming an insoluble compound. As a result of bran, and from milk we do not get enough nutrients.


They should be avoided in a reception food. For example, a salad with chicken and liver as a main dish. Chicken a lot of zinc in the liver of vitamin B9. Absorbed they interfere with each other. Besides, hinder the process of digestion.