“Never sponsored the war”: the Kremlin has reacted ambiguously to the persecution in Russia

"Никогда не спонсировала войну": у Ротару неоднозначно отреагировали на травлю в России

Around the famous singer Sofia Rotaru, who announced the performance on “Song of the year”, a scandal erupted in Russia. Neighbors attacked the Soviet pop legend of the charges, saying she goes to him for money. Remembered Rotaru its Patriotic position and found a link with the ATO. Discuss the performance of Sofia Rotaru even in the state Duma and on television, calling for a boycott of her concerts.

Arranged analysis of flights in the air outreach program “60 minutes.” However, given the word concert Director Rotaru Sergei Lavrov, who met the singer.

Sofia Rotaru never sponsored the ATO didn’t send jars of jam. Interview with sister Lida — complete set up and a lie of the journalists of the yellow press. Sofia Mikhailovna absolutely loving person. She would never have sponsored the war. She got someone to sponsor. She has five brothers and sisters, her grandchildren, her children. Grandchildren should be put on her feet, and she is sponsoring. Therefore, all the statements that she sponsored the war — an absolute lie“, — said Lavrov.

He also explained why last year rotary did not come to “Song of the year” in Moscow. According to him, the singer took the decision not to go to Russia, to avoid possible provocations. Like, her civilian position at anything. Lavrov also said that in “Song” Sofia Mikhailovna acts for free.

“And as for wages in Russia, also I want to clarify. This year, the artist arrives at “the Song of the year”, which has always been free to all artists. And Sofia Mikhailovna including free running in the “Song of the year”. Last year, Poroshenko tried to impose martial law in Ukraine, and he made it. Men from 18 to 60 years could not leave Ukraine. And it happened in the day when Sofia Mikhailovna had to go to the “Song of the year” in the train. And we were afraid of provocations, because the train could remove the sound designers, the ballet, a male administrator. And it motivated reasons are unable to come,” Lavrov said.

Also on the fan page of Sofia Rotaru in Instagram fans demand an end to the persecution of the artist.

"Никогда не спонсировала войну": у Ротару неоднозначно отреагировали на травлю в России

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