New best world: why humanity needs a crises and what can we expect after the pandemic

What will happen when the pandemic coronavirus? Historian and writer Rutger Bregman believes that a new age will dawn and the world will change for the better, writes the BBC.

Новый лучший мир: зачем человечеству нужны кризисы и что нас ждет после пандемии

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The plague in the fourteenth century killed almost half of Europe’s population, Spanish flu in the early twentieth century, almost 50 million people. These crises contributed to the development of medicine and public health systems.

Is it possible a new and better world on the ruins of a pandemic?

Pandemic coronavirus is not the first crisis facing humanity. What we have learned about myself over these last few months?

“People are mostly decent, says Rutger Bregman. — Especially in the midst of the pandemic, people, at least many, showed only the best in themselves. We have seen and altruism, and the desire of people to work together. This is the most important lesson. And everyone buying toilet paper in huge quantities there were a thousand nurses, doing their best to save as many lives as possible.”

In the fourteenth century “Black death” claimed the lives of up to 60% of Europe’s population. Some historians believe that the lack of workers after the plague epidemic led to the fall of the feudal system.

In the early twentieth century “Spanish flu” claimed the lives of nearly 50 million people in Europe. And helped to understand the nature of the virus and to learn to deal with it. And has pushed some countries towards a system of state medical aid.

After the Second world war began to appear institutions, the purpose of which was to prevent future wars.

What is wrong with modern society?

“If you look at the last forty years, the model of neoliberal capitalism, we can see that it is based on the fact that man is by nature selfish, says Bregman. — All social institutions are built around it. And the results were so-so. We see loneliness, anxiety, burnout. And all this does not help us to cope with the pandemic.”

And what will happen next?

“I hope this is only a hope, not a prediction that we can enter into a new era where there will be other values and realistic view of human nature, says the historian. — We will rely more on collaboration and human unity. Often new ideas are swept aside, considering them unrealistic, meaningless, but over time they can from ideas on paper to become mainstream. And this is happening since the financial crisis of 2008. Today we are discussing the possibility of introducing a basic income, higher taxes for the rich, powerful States, who will invest in the future. All of this becomes mainstream.”

Rutger Bregman is a Dutch historian, writer. His book “Utopia for realists” has been translated into 30 languages. A new value for humanity, he believes kindness and I am sure that soon all of us waiting for a major change of the world order.



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