New boyfriend Miley Cyrus has explained, he is better than Liam Hemsworth

In a recent interview, Cody Smith, the new boyfriend of Miley Cyrus, spoke about what he was able to conquer the singer, who in August of this year I broke up with her husband Liam Hemsworth. “I really, really, just extremely romantic! And, as confessed to me Miley, she has never had a boyfriend!” —said Cody. In other words, he just hinted that her previous boyfriend that became the husband of Miley, that is Liam, and Cody just can’t match.

Новый бойфренд Майли Сайрус объяснил, чем он лучше Лиама Хемсворта

Note that Liam is not the first time “rebound” comes from the “sweet couple”. The last time distinguished itself 26-year-old Miley. She said that before I met Cody, she of all men without exception, it is perceived as “evil.” And although Liam, whom Cyrus left, found this very offensive, he chose not to respond to her attack.

As for Miley and Cody, they are still in the wild delight from each other. Incidentally, as recognized by Smith, in fact he fell in love with Cyrus when he was 9 years old! Miley at that time was not a controversial singer, and a cute young actress who played in the series the Studio Disney “Hannah Montana”. And Cody, as he admitted, excited kissed the TV screen when it appeared Cyrus.

However, although he really met Miley five years ago, their relationship, as he claims, to that August was purely friendly. When they have outgrown in the novel, the lovers have decided to tell the world about it through social Networks, not waiting until it will make the paparazzi. And since they literally sleep their fans endless joint photo.