‘New cold war’: the United States was arrested by Chinese scientists and closing of the Consulate of China

War of the consulates of China and the United States is gaining momentum: Donald trump does not exclude that after the Chinese Consulate in Houston (Texas) can be closed and others, particularly in California, San Francisco, writes the BBC.

'Новая холодная война': в США арестовали китайских ученых и закрывают консульства КНР

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U.S. authorities believe that the building of the Embassy of the PRC in San Francisco hides a Chinese scientist-biologist Juan tan, who worked at the University of California and suspected in manipulations with the American visa and links with the Chinese military.

In June, the FBI had a conversation with her. Tang insisted that he did not serve in the army of the PRC, however, according to intelligence services, they have a photo of tan in a military uniform. Also during the search of her home was discovered further evidence of her connection with the armed forces of the PRC.

The U.S. attorneys believe that Juan Tang had to hide in the building of the Chinese Consulate. At the request of the Prosecutor General arrested several other Chinese scientists suspected of fraud with visas.

China has called the actions of the American authorities as a political provocation. Observers warn that the escalation of the conflict becomes serious, and compare the situation with the cold war.

Why are you closing consulstvo of China in Houston

July 22, the American authorities demanded that China within 72 hours to close its office in Houston, Texas. Before this, the US said that the Chinese hackers tried to steal data on vaccine Covid-19.

The indictment released by the U.S. Department of justice, applies to two citizens of China who, according to authorities, hacked into the computer servers of the labs, seeking a means to defeat the coronavirus, and also with government support from China tried to commit other thefts.

Beijing has accused Washington of political provocation. China’s foreign Ministry through its representative van Verbena called the demands to close the Consulate outrageous and unjustified, but the US state Department insists that this decision was made “to protect American intellectual property.”

In social networks there was video of how people burn paper in the yard of the Houston Consulate.

Smoke, as reported by the New York Times, was visible from afar.

After a couple of hours after the statement of the state Department, the Chinese government has threatened to take ‘mirror’ measures to close the U.S. Consulate in Wuhan.

The rapid deterioration

Pandemic coronavirus that is the trump at the beginning of the crisis was referred to as the “Chinese virus”, coincided with a significant deterioration of relations between Washington and Beijing, and became one of its causes. Partly due to the fact that Donald trump, as the critics say, is trying to shift the responsibility for the scale of the epidemic in their country (the US leads the world in the number of cases Covid-19, well ahead of China itself) to the country where the epidemic began – but not only.

The Communist government of China in these months has increased pressure on Hong Kong, essentially abandoning the principle of “one country, two systems”, and extended the system of forced camps for Muslims in Xinjiang – all of this has forced Washington to talk about new human rights violations.

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo for several weeks leading diplomatic offensive in Beijing openly States that he wants to assemble an anti-China coalition of Western countries.

During a visit to London Pompeo urged Boris Johnson to close China’s Huawei to build 5G networks in Britain, called China the aggressor and accused of collecting personal data of all users of the West are made in China smartphones and software.

Donald trump, who already began to campaign, in speeches and tweets are often attacks not only the government but also all Chinese. TikTok popular social network with billions of users, the US President has threatened to ban in the US because it is owned by a Chinese company.

To be responsible for the Hong Kong

Trump is preparing soon to approve new sanctions against China because of the introduction of Beijing security act in Hong Kong, which actually law enforcement agencies in mainland China under the Communist party, receive a carte Blanche for actions within Hong Kong’s autonomy.

USA deprived of the Hong Kong special favored status that could undermine the role of Hong Kong as a global financial hub.

“We would really like to preserve freedoms in Hong Kong, but if not, we will force the Chinese Communist party to answer for it,” said this week U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

If the sanctions will affect Chinese banks, it could lead to currency war in addition to trade, which has lasted about two years.

The latest round of the export and import of the war was the refusal of the Chinese state-owned companies to buy soybeans and pork from American farmers: additional purchases of billions of dollars was part of the U.S.-China agreement, which was supposed to help Trump to level the imbalances in the balance of trade between countries. In 2018, accusing China that it sells to America are much more goods than it buys, the US President imposed prohibitive tariffs on Chinese imports.

Now the conciliation agreement reached between American and Chinese officials on long negotiations, almost no effect.


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