New drug against cancer: the drug has destroyed cancer cells in a patient

The vaccine that is being tested in Mayo Clinic, kills cancer cells in a patient with a diagnosis of “breast cancer”.

Новое лекарство против рака: препарат уничтожил раковые клетки у пациента

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Writes Fox News, a resident of Florida If Merker became the first patient who participated in a clinical trial of a new vaccine after March 2019 she was diagnosed with early stage disease.

With her words, her breast cancer “DCIS zero stage”, that is, the cancer cells have not spread. She was offered three options: to make lumpectomy with the removal of cancer cells, to undergo a mastectomy to remove a breast or to join a clinical trial of a vaccine to destroy the cells and prevent their occurrence.

“The day I signed the dotted line,” said Merker about the 12-week testing in Jacksonville clinics.

“It is expected that the vaccine will stimulate the immune response of the patient to immune cells such as T cells, could infiltrate and attack cancer,” said Dr. Saran Chumsri, oncologist of world-renowned medical center.

Merker said that the process entailed a series of tests and trials.

“They always did a blood draw, then followed a medical examination, and after the injection on the spot,” said Merker.

“This time everything was done in succession with alternating hands, four injections at intervals of two weeks,” she added.

“It is assumed that the future would be like if you get a flu shot or pneumonia,” said Somsri.

The publication notes that If Merker is still needed to do a mastectomy to make sure that everything is removed correctly. Researchers can view the breast tissue below to learn how the vaccine works.

The treatment is also applied to the other patient. It is reported that the treatment gives positive results.

Chumsri added that clinical trials for patients with other stages of cancer are also showing good results.

ForumDaily previously wrote that American scientists using a new procedure managed to save a woman from breast cancer have fallen at terminal stage. In the framework of a new therapy in the blood of women pumped 90 billion immune cells.