New financial monitoring will lead to the deterioration of the economic situation in Ukraine, Vadim Pushkarev

New rules for financial monitoring of late and will lead to the deterioration of the economic situation in Ukraine.

Such an opinion shared by the banker with 28 years experience, ex-Chairman of the management Board of VTB Bank Vadim Pushkarev.

Новый финмониторинг приведёт к ухудшению экономической ситуации в Украине, — Вадим Пушкарев

“This law is harmful against the background of the coronavirus and the financial crisis. Yes, removed the obligation to verify the amounts to 400 thousand hryvnia, but is not removed right. The banks will be overly cautious, because with them to lift the sanctions, no one will. With Ukraine in recent years, saving the highly developed shadow economy. When the actions of the ruling elite destroying small and medium businesses, this is compensated by a robust “shadow” rear. Now the official economy is stopped, and the shadow continues to work. And because of this people are employed, receive at least some money and feed the family,” said Vadim Pushkarev.

The banker noted that it is necessary to give time to get the country out of the economic crisis, and after that thoughtfully develop and implement such changes.
“The old rule of medicine “do no harm” is very important for the economy. I doubt that the so-called “financial experts” under the current regime is able to cure the economy. So at least didn’t hurt her such laws,” — said Vadim Pushkarev.

We will remind, on April 28, entered into force the law on financial monitoring, which sets new standards of identification of Bank customers, and also introduces the concept of “risk-based” approach in assessing clients ‘ operations. Operations for the sum over 400 thousand hryvnia fall under the compulsory financial monitoring.