New hairstyle Dua Lipa this fall

This fall Dua Lipa surprised his fans with a new hairstyle. The British singer has broken up with his black hair and turned quite a pretty, blonde.

Новая прическа Дуа Липа этой осенью

Just in time for the new fall season, 24-year-old Dua Lipa in his speech on 1 October in new York debuted with blond hair. When the Duo arrived to the show with her boyfriend 20 – year-old Anwar Hadid, the singer, who rarely changes the color of their hair, not learned. Dua Magnifier for a very long period of time has not changed her black hair color and hairstyle “short Bob”. Now the same Lime almost platinum blonde, her hair color is a little otenet strawberries. Always perfectly smooth hair Dua now adorns a light wave. Linden was dressed in black shorts high waist leather, blue top with an open neckline and shoulders.

Dua was very excited about her new hairstyle by posting a slideshow to Instagram where she is posing in front of the mirror with my new hair with a beach wave. In the photo they looked very red. A series of photographs by Linden signed: “a New era! Thank you for your patience.
See you soon, your Dua Lipa — 2”. We assume that her new hair is nothing but the beginning of a new project of the singer, apparently it gives to understand your fan of Lime.

Fans liked the new image of a star. New photo Dua received millions of responses in a network. Followers of the singer leave a lot of positive comments and throw celebrities huskies. “This color is perfect for fall,” said Nikki Lee,
famous hairstylist and co-owner of Nine Zero One salon. In an interview, Nikki spoke about the hottest trends in hair color. “Lately, all asking me to do a hair lighter. Preference is given to a Golden hue, and sometimes of fire.” How can
notice that more and more celebrities this fall to become a little lighter.