New Lotto 6/49: two big prizes at stake with each draw

New Lotto 6/49: two big prizes in play with each draw< /p> UPDATE DAY

Postponed due to a strike by Loto-Québec employees forcing the postponement of Wednesday's draw, the new version of the Loto 6/49 lottery is now available with two multimillion-dollar jackpots in play with each draw. 

The first draw of this improved version scheduled for Wednesday will offer a jackpot of $5 million for the classic draw known until then, while the guaranteed prize still in effect will be replaced by the Boule d'or draw.

According to Loto-Québec, each draw will continue to have a guaranteed winner thanks to a unique number on each ticket. “This winner is guaranteed to win either a prize of $1 million or a prize of several million dollars,” the state-owned company said on Monday.

The draw will be made among 29 white balls worth $1 million each and a golden ball worth $10 million.

When a white ball is drawn, it is not put back into the abacus for the next draw, whereas $2 million is added to the Golden Ball jackpot and so on until the Golden Ball is drawn.

If all white balls are drawn for 29 consecutive draws, there will be no remaining than the Golden Ball, which will “certainly” be won with an amount exceeding $60 million, explained Loto-Québec.

Since its launch 40 years ago, Lotto 6/49 has allowed Quebecers to win more than $8.3 billion, including $3.4 billion in jackpots.