New photo of Julia Roberts without makeup upset her fans

The other day a 52-year-old Julia Roberts appeared in a Park in Malibu for a walk with his girlfriend. And, after seeing the photos taken by the paparazzi, the fans, accustomed to the fact, as always looks glamorous actress, was saddened by the way she looks without makeup. These pictures were published in the Daily Mail.

Новое фото Джулии Робертс без макияжа огорчило ее фанатов

No wonder Julia is proud of her figure, for her age she’s in excellent form. And dressed the actress was very stylish. To walk she was dressed in a sweater adorned with the image of a dinosaur, skinny jeans and heavy fashionable shoes and on the shoulders casually threw another jumper. However the youth style of clothing only Roberts said, according to some fans of the actress, the fact that she no longer 25 years old. Although on the face of the actress is not yet obvious deep wrinkles, picky fans saw signs of age on her neck. And sharply formed wrinkles gave her face a sad and tired expression. “Julia is aging considerably!” — so one of the fans commented on a photo.

However, no one doubts that when Roberts there is a need to look “at 100%” she can handle it. And at the anniversary events that will take place in the coming year, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the release of the cult film “Pretty woman”, she will undoubtedly Shine. Recall, this is a romantic movie that made her a star of the first magnitude, was released in March 1990. The film was then simply a resounding success. However, in a recent interview, Julie said that in our time to rent a movie it would be, in her opinion, it is simply impossible. “Too much has changed in that time, and it is unlikely this story would now be in tune and so would please the audience.”