New pistols for the Canadian military

New pistols for the Canadian military


The Canadian military will soon get their hands on a new, more ergonomic, lighter pistol with a larger magazine capacity.

The Department of Defense has signed a contract worth $3.2 million with manufacturer Charlton, based in Victoria, British Columbia, following an “open and transparent competitive process,” Ottawa said in a statement. Friday.

The contract calls for an initial quantity of 7,000 pistols and holsters, with the option to order another 9,500.

The model in question, named Sig Sauer P320, replaces the older model, the 9mm Browning, but is similar in many ways. It will operate with the same ammunition and have the same ballistic performance.

It will, however, have an “indicator visible from many angles to show whether the weapon is loaded or not” as well as “mechanisms ambidextrous controls to allow both left and right-handed users to use the weapon effectively,” it adds.

First deliveries are expected in mid-2023.