New politics trump: 0.1% of immigrants get asylum in the United States

The policy of the administration of U.S. President Donald trump for forcing the asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while their cases are heard, has eliminated the part of immigration. This writes The Hill.

Действие новой политики Трампа: только 0,1% иммигрантов получают убежище в США

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A new immigration policy aimed at reducing the number of asylum-seekers, turned out to be extremely effective. Since September 2019 was granted only 0.1% of the applications for asylum.

US policy in the area of asylum has changed significantly in 2018. New Protocols on the protection of migrants (MPP), colloquially known as “Stay in Mexico”, require asylum-seekers whose cases are pending before the immigration courts, spend time before their trial in Mexico.

Experts say that the policy made it almost impossible for immigrants from Central America receive asylum in the United States.

As of September of 47,000 applicants to the MPP, approximately 9 500 decisions. Of this number, 5 085 Affairs has received orders for expulsion, and 4 471 the case was dismissed. This leaves 11 cases, people who were granted asylum, accounting for 0.1% of all completed cases.

Aaron reichlin-Miller, political Advisor to the American Council for immigration, says that part of the reason these numbers are so low is that some of the original, 47,000 asylum-seekers — estimated Reichlin-Melnik — from 8 000 to 9 000 — were given back their cases, many of the crimes on the border.

“We have no idea who falls into which category. Nobody monitors it,” he said, adding that the official statistics may be inaccurate because Customs and border protection service said recently that she accidentally doubled the data on immigrants in one report.

Even if immigrants refuse to grant asylum, that could take several months. A man named Brian waited for the decision more than a year, in the end, the prospect of spending even more time at the border forced him to surrender.

Reichlin-Miller believes that the fact Brian is not accidental, stating that “the MPP creates obstacles to people’s access to the legal system”.

All immigrants arriving at the southern border and asking for asylum are subject to MPP, with the exception of unaccompanied minors, persons with physical or mental health, individuals with a criminal record, citizens of Mexico or who are faced with torture or persecution in Mexico on the basis of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group.

“MPP has created a humanitarian disaster on the border and undermined the rule of law,” says reichlin-Miller.

In defense of the practice representatives on behalf of the Department of homeland security, declare that the policy is to “Stay in Mexico” does not allow immigrants to apply for asylum on false grounds, that allows to process only legitimate statements.