New Quebec clothing line for the office and telework

New Quebec clothing line for the office and TV ;work


Two Quebec designers intend to leave their mark with the new trend of the hour in the field of fashion, the “workleisure”.  

Leila Ligougne is originally from Quebec and she attended Collège Saint-Charles-Garnier. She has now been based in New York for 24 years. For this project, she is working with Julie Magnan from Montreal, also a designer. 

“This is our first collaboration but we have known each other for a very long time. She and I went to study fashion in Paris and that’s how we got to know each other,” explains Ms. Ligougne.

“Afterwards we came back, she to Montreal and I to Quebec, but we always stayed in touch,” she says.   

The two women chose to unite their strength to create a line of clothing perfect for working in the office, but offering no compromise in terms of comfort for telecommuting. Each piece is made in Quebec. 

“During the pandemic, people started working from home. They no longer necessarily had to make the same effort to get dressed. As long as the top goes into Zoom, it's okay, but after two years of that (…), people have also realized that if they don't take the time to get ready in the morning properly, they don't didn't have the same attitude at work,” summarizes Ms. Ligougne. 

“And then, you can see it. People are going back to work, even if it's for one day, two days or three days a week. Observing this, and we are not the only ones to have seen it, we wanted to make a line of clothing that was more sophisticated than these very casual clothes that everyone wears. 

“It's hard to imagine suddenly in a suit with stiletto heels. That's where it came from. (…) You can go outside and you don't look like you've just gotten out of bed”, continues the designer from Quebec. 

New social norm

“There is a paradigm shift in society. There is a new social norm that is not about to change. We work more at home,” adds Julie Magnan, co-founder of Juleï. 

“Workleisure is clothing where you can jump into your car and go to the office without having to change. So it also limits consumption. Instead of having a garment for work, a garment for leisure is a wardrobe.” 

“It's more than comfort, it's comfort” , she adds.


The in-between didn't really exist before. Teleworking has created this need, believes the designer from Quebec. Ms. Ligougne is convinced that taking care of yourself and your appearance has a positive impact on productivity at work. 

“I have even heard people say that not be in socks when they participated in Zoom because they did not feel quite up to it.” 

The Juleï Spring-Summer 2023 collection, which is intended only for women, premiered in Montreal last week. According to Ms. Ligougne, the reaction from buyers has been positive. The materials used are ecological or eco-responsible. 

“I regularly return to Quebec and Montreal. Of course, Quebec influences me a lot. There is a quality of life in Quebec that is incomparable,” concluded the designer who has worked for chains such as Victoria's Secret. 

The collection will be available in stores from January. The website will be accessible in October.