New rival trump: for the election of 2020 can fight two billionaires

Former new York mayor billionaire Michael Bloomberg has enlisted enough support of Democrats for the first time to participate in the debate of potential presidential candidates. 19 Feb billionaire for the first time participate in the debate in Nevada. About it writes BBC.

Новый соперник Трампа: на выборах 2020 могут сразиться два миллиардера

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Besides him, the scene of one of the concert halls of Las Vegas will rise former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, the former mayor of a small town of South bend, Indiana Pete Buttidzhich Senator from the state of Minnesota Amy Klobuchar, Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders and Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren.

To get to the debate, Bloomberg had to receive more than ten percent in the polls among supporters of the Democrats. The survey, organized by the public radio, the PBS program Newshour and the Fund for public opinion Marist, showed that Bloomberg is supported by 19% of respondents.

This raises the former mayor of new York in second place among the other candidates of the party. The leader Bernie Sanders with 31%. Followed by Joe Biden (15%) and Elizabeth Warren (12 percent).

Commentators have noted that the campaign Bloomberg recently posted a huge amount of publicity in the media and the Internet, spending several hundred million dollars. On the presidential campaign of billionaire already has more than 2 thousand people — both in new York and in other regions of the United States.

Questions about searches

“Mike can’t wait to go on stage with the other democratic candidates and tell them why he is the best candidate to win Donald trump and to unite the country,” said campaign Manager Bloomberg Kevin Shiki.

Competing with former new York mayor Warren and Sanders are accused Bloomberg in an attempt to ensure the success solely by his wealth. Bernie Sanders at a meeting of members of the Democratic party said that “the American people are tired of billionaires buying elections.”

Bloomberg denies these accusations and offers to sponsor the campaign of the Democrats against Donald trump, even if it is not headed.

During a debate Bloomberg will have to answer difficult questions about your work as mayor of new York.

Bloomberg-the mayor was criticized for supporting legislation that allowed the police to carry out street searches. In practice, such searches often subjected to blacks and Hispanics.

In support of this policy the ex-mayor already apologized, but Joe Biden promised that the detail will question about it Bloomberg on the debate.

Candidate Amy Klobuchar previously said that Bloomberg should take part in the debate. “He can’t hide behind the air and have to answer the questions,” she said in an interview.

Before the battle

The unprecedented ad attack Michael Bloomberg gave him a platform to promote his candidacy. While everything works perfectly.

But in Las Vegas he will the first to go on stage with live opponents. Bloomberg should prepare for a difficult conversation.

It’s hard to imagine someone from the opponents-Democrats now would be unprofitable to attack Bloomberg. If moderate candidates want to get at least some support in the ten States where for several weeks will be primaries, they will have to take away from the former mayor of new York part of the electorate.

And for the left and progressive Sanders and Warren Bloomberg personifies the corrupting influence of big money on American politics.

Although in recent years the American media reported on the Bloomberg negatively, the attention of the press continues unabated, and support among the electorate grows. Now he has a chance to prove that this HYIP can be trusted.

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