New Rolls-Royce Ghost will receive antivirus protection

Новый Rolls-Royce Ghost получит антивирусную защиту

Photo: Rolls-Royce

The cars will be able to destroy viruses and bacteria

Rolls-Royce introduced the air purification system in 2015. Five years engineers have been refining technologies.

British brand Rolls-Royce will equip the sedan Ghost , a new generation of advanced climate system, which will provide antibacterial and antiviral protection of the people in the cabin. This is referred to in the press release of the company.

The principle of operation of MEPS based on highly sensitive sensors that measure the amount of harmful substances in air: particles of carbon monoxide and pollen, and some viruses and bacteria.

“Finding the critical level of air pollution in the cabin, the electronics activates the recirculated air mode in which air will pass through the filter Nanofleece, which is able to remove almost all ultra-fine particles, viruses and bacteria,” — said in a press release.

Specifies that the filter can purify air inside the car on average two minutes.

MEPS can be controlled remotely: drivers Ghost will be able to filter the air using a mobile application to prepare the cabin for arrival important passenger.

The new sedan will be presented in September 2020.

Earlier it was reported that the company Rolls-Royce which last year set record sales around the world have bought 5152 cars, which is a quarter exceeds the sales compared to 2018.