New rules starting next season in major league baseball

New rules starting next season in major league baseball< /p> UPDATE DAY

The major baseball leagues will implement new rules next season, notably by imposing a 15-second limit between each shot when the paths are deserted and by prohibiting special defenses. < /p>

The competition committee made up of six representatives of team owners, four players and a referee voted overwhelmingly in favor of everything on Friday. Thus, decisions were made to speed up the pace of the games considered too slow by several observers. Thus, in addition to the maximum time of 15 seconds for shots without a runner on the bases, the authorized delay will be 20 s between each throw with players on the cushions.

With a timer of 15 s, the catcher will have to be in his position at the plate at the 10th second, while the batter will have to be in his box at the eighth. The launcher's momentum must have started no later than 15 s. A fault on his part in this sense will automatically be judged a ball; if the batter is in the wrong, they will see a strike added to the count.

With regard to the position of the men in defense, the formation will have to include at least two players on each side of the second base; their feet must be placed on the clay constituting the infield. In addition, the size of the cushions will be larger, going from 15 to 18 square feet. The number of attempts to off-foot an opponent on base will be reduced to two per at-bat.

“These steps aim to improve the pace of the game, promote action and reduce injuries. These are all goals that have received incredible support from fans, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement. In numerous tests carried out in recent years, minor circuit personnel and many fans have recognized the impact of these changes in making the sport better and more enjoyable to watch.”

Discordant voice

On the other hand, the Players' Association expressed its disagreement with the changes put in place by voting unanimously against them.

“The players make a living from this sport on a daily basis. The rules on the field and the resulting impact influence their preparation, their performance and, ultimately, the integrity of baseball. Our leaders negotiated through the competition committee and provided helpful feedback on the proposals from the commissioner's office. The circuit was not ready to settle the issues we presented,” the union said in a statement.