New Toyota HQ will make friends with the driver

Новый Toyota LQ подружится водителем

The conceptual model will be able to establish an emotional connection with the driver.

Recall that the first Toyota Concept-i debuted in 2017, and now the Japanese company has unveiled the next generation model, which was equipped with an autopilot level 4, as well as an interactive assistant “Yui”, which has artificial intelligence.

As the new philosophy of the brand indicates that people should not only have the ability to move freely and to process the emotional charge, advanced technology was aimed at the implementation of these plans.

In turn LQ with the help of special assistants can adapt to the unique needs of each driver and “build a strong bond between machine and pilot.”

The new concept car will present on “the Future Expo” in Tokyo from October 24 to November 4, and the model will be available for public test drive “Toyota Yui Tours Project 2020”, which will take place from June to September of the following year.